Sunday, March 25, 2012

46 to go..

That may not be the exact number, but who's counting?!  

We have successfully tiled 750+ subway tiles in our shower.  Over the weekend we spent a total of about 9 hours tiling. Who knew the last part would take so long?  There are so many cuts, measuring and double checking on each wall that is very time consuming.

Greg said it best this weekend, "I didn't know this project was so involved".

It is just that. We would have completed the project last night, but again, ran out of thin-set. We have been using a whole lot of thin-set lately because we tend to put it on the wall, then directly on the individual tile for extra security.

Here is what we accomplished this weekend:

Inside half wall tiled

Outside half wall complete

From a distance

Front of the curb complete

Bottom row of subway tile where it joins the floor

Ready to start the shelf

Greg cutting our tiles. We got smart and moved the tile saw in the bathroom.
It makes a huge mess, but saves 2 flights of stairs each time

What Murphy does when we tile. He loves  to lay on our clothes

Yay! The shelf is finally complete and we LOVE it

The perimeter of the half wall and curb remain. We will use the bullnose tiles we special  ordered

Overall, we had a very productive weekend. The house got cleaned, we went to Costco, we posted some outdoor items on Craigslist, made a few trips to Home Depot, power washed the back patio and front porch, got the Jeep hard top out of the way and ordered something for our next project ;)

Carpet glue that has been stuck to the patio for 2 years is finally off!

Who knew the concrete was that dirty?

Greg's idea of getting the Jeep roof out of the way.

A clue to what our next project may involve

 Busy week ahead of me... spring break begins Friday and I will be heading to Naperville to visit with family and friends. Can't wait!

xo, Erin

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  1. What a good looking husband you have....nice catch!