Thursday, March 29, 2012

One step closer..

We have officially completed the tiling in the shower. Hooray!

We still have to grout and seal, but we wanted to be done with cutting tiles and thin-set before we left for Chicago tomorrow. Our goal was to be done with tiling weeks ago, but life happens and there were set backs and other small projects along the way.  It feels great knowing that when we come back next week, we will be one step closer to using our shower.

Last tile being installed

So happy to be done with this step!

Hidden shelf for shaving my legs

To refresh your memory, here is a current before and after:


A few other things that still have to be done in the bathroom:
  • Tile bathroom floor
  • Install new vanity and sinks
  • Paint walls
  • Find new mirror(s)
  • Buy new light fixtures
  • Buy a new toilet
  • Build some type of storage

The tiling process was long, but worth it! You can read more about our process here.  Hopefully will be back to update you on the bathroom by next weekend.  There are definitely a lot of spaces that need grout!

xo, Erin

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  1. Loving all your house updates! Will your organize my closet when I move eventually? Haha ;)

    Wanted to thank you for the prayers last week but occasionally aka all week, my iPad doesnt like to let me comment on blogs! Just know how much I appreciate it.