Friday, March 9, 2012

high five..

I'm linking up with Lauren again today.


This week has gone pretty fast and I'm excited the weekend is here. These are my 5 favorite things that happened this week:

1. We had a cold day this week and woke up to flurries Monday morning. No big deal, they were gone in a few hours and allowed for some cuddling to happen.

Meet Murphy. I may be biased, but he's the best dog ever!

2. Another successful dinner recipe found on Pinterest, healthy baked chicken nuggets.

3. My husband surprised me with this awesome iPad charger/speaker. Now I can listen to music and bake at the same time. He may regret when I start singing and dancing around the kitchen.

You can find it here.  We got ours from woot for $16

4. Holy bank account! Our tax return was deposited yesterday :) We are saving for our 2012 vacations..

5. Big Ten Tournament begins today... Go Green!


  1. So bummed the game is on at noon! State getting no love once again. Also, Nashville is a blast and a half. Have fun!

    1. I agree, what a bummer! I wore a Michigan State shirt to work today and will be checking the score every 5 minutes on my phone :)

  2. I really like that iPad charger!

  3. That iPad charger/speaker is AWESOME!
    Points for husband :) lol

    Happy weekend, girl!

  4. Those vacations all look absolutely amazing! And I majorly want your job!!!!!