Thursday, March 15, 2012


This is what our Wednesday night consisted of:

1. Water the grass seed
2. Wash windows
3. Wash screens
4. Play frisbee
5. Go muddin'
6. Plant seeds for our vegetable garden

Let me expand on numbers 4-6.

We enjoy walking to the 'park' that's in the back neighborhood by us. This park consists of a decent sized grass area, basketball court and a small playground. We usually play frisbee for awhile, then walk back home.  Tonight we were busy so we drove there instead. This is what the area looks like where we play. It's nice in the summer because it gets shade at night.

We started warming up and throwing farther and farther.. until this happened:

Greg got overly ambitious and the frisbee drifted a bit. He looked around to find a stick or something because it was too high to climb and reach.  He happened to find a piece of log laying on the ground by the tree. It was fate. He thought he would just throw it up and knock the frisbee off the branches.

Great idea.. until on the second throw, the log got stuck right next to the frisbee. At this point, I was trying to catch this on camera while not laughing too loud. 

Greg found another log. 


We took the long way to get home for some fresh air in the Jeep. There is an old park near our house that is normally gated, but seemed to be unlocked today. We quickly turned around. Greg never turns down the opportunity to explore in his Jeep and go muddin'.  Yes, they call it muddin' around here. It really just consists of driving on grassy hills that are sometimes muddy. Here is what it looked like:

The picture quality isn't the greatest, I had to use Greg's iphone. I had no idea our night would turn into such an adventure that I would need a camera. We are definitely taking full advantage of this amazing warm weather and daylight savings time!

Last up, planting our vegetables. We start growing our vegetable garden inside. This year, we decided to plant sweet peppers, hot peppers, beans, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and regular tomatoes.  The zucchini and beans get planted right into the garden come May. We grabbed our supplies needed to start the other seeds and got to work. 

Solo cup with holes to drain

fill the cups with garden soil

label the cups and plant the seeds

place them in a common area and water

Have you been taking advantage of this gorgeous weather?

xo, Erin

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