Monday, March 19, 2012

few words

Monday, you came too fast! We were gone 12 hours yesterday for our March Madness Rendezvous. It was an amazing experience! We got to watch NC State upset Georgetown and then watch the Spartans advance to the Sweet 16 (even though the game was not sweet).  It was a tough game for Michigan State, but that's why the call it Madness.

Here is our day in pictures. Sorry if you are not a Spartan fan. I promise to be back Tuesday with house updates.

Thurman Cafe in Columbus, was told they are the best burgers in the country

Our Big Heads before the game. They made us break the sticks off at security

Draymond Green. Enough said.

Spartans during the first game, sitting 5 rows in front of us.

Thornton & Green signs. Their families definitely appreciated them

Greg & I waiting for the game to start

Announcing the team

One of the MANY tv timeouts

haha Sparty


Love from Sparty

Green interviewing after the game

Our 'signs' were a huge hit!

What an amazing experience!

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